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Badminton technology - forehand punching ball
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Forehand punching ball is hind field forehand begin is main one of drive technologies. Before drive, the body first half side is right net, right leg is in hind, left foot is advanced, bipod is pointed all stand on tiptoe rises, nature of body centre of gravity falls on right sole. The right hand uses forehand to grasp pat a law to grasp pat, move bat naturally upper part of right shoulder side, lift on left hand nature, the eye is looked attentively at come ball. When should falling to be close to drive to nod height below the ball, right leg begins to crouch extend, drive the body to be turned by right towards the left with hip joint, after doing left leg, remove, the action of two legs across that steps before right leg. Accompany lower limbs to crouch while roll is made, bosom diastole, two side are exhibited outside humeral joint, lift on left hand nature, hold the antebrachium that takes an arm to move backward, bat is removed after holding tall elbow. In lumbar abdomen harmonious emphatic cooperates to fall, the upper arm drives antebrachium to use the joint that extend ancon, antebrachium to come back inside with the force that bends wrist, tat of forward lower part comes ball. The key of drive basically depends on: Before drive dot should lean a bit than high ball a few, when forehand condole is linear, pat a face to be opposite come ball, use finger, artifice and antebrachium to come back the movement inside, brandish pats tat ball to hold in the palm or of feather hind; When condole is diagonal, use the power of finger, artifice, brandish of the lower part before court is different is patted cut attack come the feather of the right lateral of the ball and ball are held in the palm.

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