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Badminton technology - forehand chop
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Prepare a pose: On one's side is right before right net, forward lunge is become before right leg is crossed, body centre of gravity is on right leg. The right hand uses forehand to grasp the pine that take a way to grasp racket at on the right side of make an appointment with before body with shoulder height, the antebrachium before drive comes back a bit outside, exhibit outside the artifice bring pat to on the right side of before, the right that take a side is tallish inclined to the net. Left arm is extended next oneself, have balance effect.

When forehand cuts rub drive, antebrachium comes back outside, artifice by outside exhibit adduction, drive finger movement control to take the lower part before facing at the same time " cutting " the ball holds He Yu wool in the palm. Forehand carries rub to basically be in come when the ball compares net of press close to, apply, when drive, antebrachium comes back inside, artifice slightly outside exhibit, drive finger movement to make bat is done fall to go up ahead again ahead " carry rub " the bottom that the ball holds in the palm.

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