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The area before the net differentiates reach technical choice
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The technology before the net is segment of very important a composition in badminton antagonism. People is used to using " stick tennis, close tennis, medium tennis and fly tennis ball " the position that the ball comes to before define a net (note: The article is pressed only fore-and-aft differentiate with height, do not divide Zun Lu, medium road, right way, because their reason is complete,be same) . If him feeling defines the position of the ball before the net with this kind of method, belong to the planar concept of field, endless and reasonable, it is inadequate at least. It is likewise for example " close tennis " , you can be because of you when drive, it is completely different that drive chooses the place that feels you at different height (see a picture 1) . Before if will be a net with dimensional concept,FLAX thinks come the ball differentiates area, the technical option that will use to oneself is more helpful.

Graph dozen of 2 ball experience that are FLAX him basis, the region that makes to the position before the net differentiates, the place in the graph is denotive be the local limits between the line serves before both sides. To the name of each area in graphic representation, according to this area basically commonly used technology chooses to name, be not point to every area a kind of technology chooses (this kind names reasonable, the view that FLAX thinks to listen to everybody) .
ABCDEFG of the cent in the graph in all 7 area, besides G area, other area distributings with radiative shape by net mouth, considering badminton is to press " asymmetry parabola " of the flight, reason section boundary line is not linear.

A. Attack reduce an area
This area is a very active area, if can be grabbed in this area drive, get victory is a pretty close.
In this area drive, because the other side answers ball quality,majority is bad, of course, also have make the same score in both sides smoke block intercept ball is grabbed when confronting each other (this bit, relatively common in doubles) .
The technical choice that can make in this area is most. But the most effective is " attack " (division of the network in sticking network division, close network division to reach) with " the dot is killed " (area opening a network) . Accordingly this area names for " attack reduce an area " . Those who want an attention is, opportunity ball often can make popular feeling condition changes, attack in the area that stick a net the ball is easy " touch net " and easy when smash of area opening a network " be captured " or " out of bounds " .
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