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Badminton technology - carry a ball backhand
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System of the predecessor that carry a ball gets lost left net quickly first, last pace reduces body focus appropriately, become right forward lunge, right tiptoe is opposite come ball direction. Antebrachium comes back inside extension forward, artifice a bit outside exhibit, use backhand to grasp take a way, make racket to wrong lower part. Outside antebrachium basically is being used to come back when drive, extend wrist and big toe top to control the power that takes a power, in the lower part before the body is left, to right upper part brandish pats drive to hold bottom in the palm before towards the left, the ball forward upper part is hit piece. After drive, right leg a bit inside the ground that buckle pedal reclaims, bat calls in to the bosom before reductive into preparative pose.

Carry a ball to make a mistake easily:

L. Left foot is advanced, right leg is in hind, is not correct ground crosses a right leg to carry a ball ahead.
The action is brought after 2. bat too big, the main joint that use a shoulder sends force, not only drive does not have speed, and the consistency that also affected a movement.
After 3. drive dot slants, or too stand by the body. Place of proper the drive that carry a ball should be in of own body outside the position before side slants.

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