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Badminton technology - backhand online footwork
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In badminton technology, no matter forehand still gets online backhand, ask last pace reachs the designated position when drive, should hold right foot advanced, left foot is in the body pose after. So, when mobile method and forehand get online, the footstep that gets online backhand is identical, distinction depends on: When starting, right coxa should turn to left ahead quickly, make body right skew chooses the place to the drive before backhand net (this one turn, also can finish in mobile process) , move in order to facilitate toward left ahead.

Reach the designated position in online shift when apply the brake, to maintain the balance of the body, be helpful for drive and reverse, should notice to use the power that carries flesh on the back at the same time, overcome those who the upper part of the body move ahead is inertial, prevent the body excessive pitch.

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