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Badminton technology - back down backhand footwork
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Degenerative law is to point to the footstep shift method that using the other side of backhand technology backstroke to hit high ball of area of the field after Xiang Benfang is left after backhand. It should nod the far and near of the distance from drive according to located at that time position, the choice uses one pace, two paces, 3 situations mobile and regressive method.

If leave a ball closer, can use one pace turn regressive drive. The method is: When starting, the body weighs heart tend left foot, it is an axis with left foot, body towards the left is rear and rotational, at the same time right leg nods direction to cross an one stride to drive, carry pair of net drive on the back.

If leave a ball a bit a few further, can use two situations regressive footwork. Its method is: Left foot withdraws one half step after towards the left is rear first, back-to-back, body left-hand rotation, right leg towards the left is rear cross one stride, carry pair of net drive on the back.

If leave drive when the speck is more remote, can use 3 situations (or more pace) turn is regressive drive. Its method and the distinction with two regressive paces depend on: When starting, right leg first foot of towards the left is made quickly along with all the others pace, in order to add the mobile space of one pace, two paces move after the method is same.

No matter use the sort of method shift, having a bit is very important, that is last pace when, want to assure to make right leg stands by drive to choose way as far as possible, finish with be helpful for those who assist drive movement.

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