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Energetically smash -- the wave type of momentum is delivered
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Opening remarks:

To badminton lover, mention smash, everybody hopes he can be worn of echo in carry secretly in ringing blare, hit the ball quickly be like a shooting star (that is how to make a person find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind ah) . But actually, the ball of most and primary level and intermediate level is friendly (even if is Niu Gao Martha, strong-bodied Zhuang Han) , make do his best to also cannot hit the ball enough speed. This is not pure it is effort insufficient, mainer is a method incorrect.
To avoid an article expatiatory, the article emphasizes the force issue that those who talk is smash, do not involve to the problem of short duration such as the angle of smash, point of fall.

Want drive is strong, should have the following:

(1) bat should be had in drive instant enough big momentum -- this and brandish pat a process to concern. This bit is the most important, in bat difference not big case falls, drive is strong, not be to depend on the size of absolute power, depend on however pat fast size. If you can bat (drive instantaneous) speed brandish must be jumped over fast, drive is stronger.
(2) when bat drive " restore coefficient " want a little bit big -- this and bat, pat a line to concern, and the hits a ball accuracy of bat is concerned (the area hitting a ball of the bat when drive should be in " sweet area " ) .
(3) the included angle that face normal direction and brandish pat to take way when drive is smaller, drive power is greater -- this and the control to bat are concerned.

Make an example first, talk about brandish to take the course of noisy whip:

Had you seen smoke noisy whip? The momentum that sees lash transfers a process.

Graph 1: Whippy momentum transfers a process

The first stage that takes whip is whipstock procrastinates move whiplash, make whole lash enlists campaign (forward acceleration is mobile) , the whiplash that makes moving gains momentum (the product of the quality of the momentum = whiplash of whiplash and its motion speed) .
Then, whipstock motion is stopped, and one arises in the root ministry of whiplash " answer a turn " . "Answer a turn " with waviness type from whiplash root ministry Xiang Bian moves a bit. "Answer a turn " suspended campaign with the whiplash between whipstock, and " answer a turn " with whip a bit the whiplash between continues to move. Because this one process is abided by roughly " momentum conservation " the rule, in " answer a turn " when forward shift, the part that whiplash shares motion (quality) smaller and smaller, the athletic rate of athletic section is accordingly older and older, when " answer a turn " move to whip a bit when, the part that whiplash shares motion (quality) those who become special is small, flog so a bit athletic speed is breathtaking big. The ringing noise of noisy whip is whip is in a bit " answer a turn " retroflexion quickly and obtain. Say from the angle of physics, momentum undertakes delivering with waviness type, efficiency is highest.
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