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Badminton technology - attack backhand ball
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See the other side comes the ball is apart from when the web is more expensive, the body turns quickly forward pedal jumps all along ball, if be apart from a net further, can add and jump before pace hind. Pitch of towards the left of body of the back of a person of rise high into the air, the arm is sufficient extension forward, at the same time rapid shift is grasped send a means, big toe top is pressed on the inside wide range of bat handle, make pat face and net parallel to be opposite come ball. Middle finger, ring finger and little finger loosen adequately grasp racket, make be brought after bat. When drive, basically use big toe top to press, abrupt enclasp taps middle finger, ring finger and little toe handle and artifice adduction " blink " , the ball forward lower part is hit piece. After drive, the movement before following is very small, apply the brake of right leg be born, close instantly pat hold high, so that seal cut the other side,the likelihood is blocked answer come ball.

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