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Xie Xingfang: The go on an expedition that take an injury loses hope forest red
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After 16 days come down from prize-giving stage, element has " iceberg beauty " the Xie Xingfang that say has gone quickly to mix cover an area, red eye hides into athlete anteroom, and the volunteer outside anteroom prevents a reporter to take a picture at the same time anxiously, look for paper towel everywhere at the same time. It is good to cried a little while hind, xie Xingfang just stabilizes a mood, on the press conference that appears after contest.

Hope Lin Dan can gain the championship

Summing up yesterday when the gain and loss of the match, xie Xingfang says: "I and Zhang Ning develop this ball very outstandingly, it who wins actually is very normal that who wins actually. But be not being taken after all still is a little sad in gold heart. Hope Lin Dan can take gold in male single final. " Xie Xingfang thinks, oneself still basically do not have Zhang Ning on speed fast, was pinned by the other side. The choice of refer future, xie Xingfang expresses: "I won't consider to attend the Olympic Games again after 4 years, after all condition, physical ability and age do not allow me so do. After all condition, physical ability and age do not allow me so do..

After the press conference ends, when a word that the reporter asks to Xie Xingfang wants to say most, she is shedding tear to say once more: "I want to say to thank everybody to support mine, I feel I endeavored today. I attend the purpose of the Olympic Games not to want to make my regretful namely, I feel I had not regretted. I feel I had not regretted..

Should be asked about " why to wish to hold to an Olympic Games more again " when, xie Xingfang expresses, "Actually I say my injury without outward bound all the time, but my body myself and my doctor knows, my physical ability does not allow me to be hit again. For Beijing Olympic Games, I sufferred the anguish that a lot of ordinary people suffer hard. Hold on again, very tired really. " as we have learned, xie Xingfang suffers from before Olympic Games list is announced went up banding Bao rash, but she rested only a week appears in training field.

When reporter inquire after when this thing, xie Xingfang discloses say: "Yes, before opening contest before long, my a serious illness, at that time in the heart special angst. But my state of mind after opening contest maintains calmlier all the time, can hit into such, I already very satisfactory. " within an inch of turns to change dozen of ping-pong all right

Xie Xingfang the constitution is weaker in one's childhood, often give a person the sense of extremely delicate. "Nevertheless, she also is having clear advantage, very agile, harmonious sex is for instance good, acceptance is strong wait, so sufficient can make up for her to be in of physical ability respect be short of regret. " illuminative coach Chen Guoliang of Xie Xingfang says, the constitution compares weak, physical ability to be differred quite is Xie Xingfang all the time " weak sports " , estimate this and her in one's childhood condition of the economy in the home compares difference to concern. "But also because the condition in the home is bad, harden oneself she is tenacious, independent ponder over ability those who have ambition is strong, idiosyncratic. " Chen Guoliang says.
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