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Dong Jiong talks about problem of badminton team concede points to be attached m
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The incident of badminton team concede points that often oppugns to the outside, dong Jiong also talked about his view, he evades the ground to say none: "If next adversary is Chinese team the final between two people I feel not to let without what. But next adversary is Li Zongwei this for example, then Chen Jin is a young team member, li Zongwei had not won before, then regular meeting lets Lin Dan go up, this need not what says. And will tell from tactics, civil war is hit, consume physical power. I remember 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, gong Zhichao obtains champion, had taken finals because of Danish Martin, and before this Gong Zhichao hits Martin to win more, went up with respect to Zhi Chao letting Gong so. We these athletes are attached most importance to with overall situation commonly, from us the collective interest of badminton team sets out. I that period, although I am of whole group,get military thing, but I had not encountered those who let me really. Because of that period our male single competes too strong, touch on very rare semifinal go up, it is to follow Indonesian line, await Indonesian team to have 6 in those days, the team member of 7 top level, still have Denmark, Malaysia, Korea. I remember full use championship contest 97 years, my final is touched with Sun Jun went up, not be semifinals, that was indifferent to. "

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