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Engage in a battle ever defeated Li Zongwei Lin Dan recently: Cannot leave a reg
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The male single competition ground of Beijing Olympic Games, not Ji Xinpeng's a dark horse is ecru 2000, not Lin Dan is first-run 2004 the accident of disastrous defeat, some is world first only Lin Dan and ground of follow a rational line to do some work well of world second Li Chongwei enter male single final. Be in respectively conquer Li Xuan of famous general of Korea of teammate Chen Jinhe one hind, this pair of old rival will be in Lin Dan and Li Chongwei 17 days gold of male single of northerly Beijing Olympic Games starts night concussion.

Because Bao Chun will be in octal Li Xuan was defeated in the match of 4 one, because this issues this semifinal of half area to do not have the form of Chinese player, final Bencibi the Li Chongwei of Malaysia famous general with the wonderful condition in contest with 2 than 1 conquer Li Xuan one, take the lead in entering finals. And be in later in another semifinal, lin Dan is relatively relaxed with 2 than 0 conquer the teammate Chen Jin that attends the Olympic Games for the first time, take ticket of additionally one piece of final, again forest Li Dazhan on the verge of breaking out.

As the number one of the male single and 2 seeds, lin Dan and Li Chongwei have actual strength to ask a vessel final champion. Mix from very actual strength for technical level, lin Dan is current undoubtedly of male single of world feather altar most overmatch, dozen of his biting law and start quickly decided him more the development tide that accords with contemporary badminton motion, he can win any adversary and an any matches, smash of his the top of head is one of technologies that adversary fears most. And Li Chongwei although body requirement is general, but run use agile, attack biting, latter below the guidance of coach Misiben position is admirable.

To Lin Dan, the Athens 4 years ago, the heart is made in first-run disastrous defeat in all the time the does not go nightmare of brandish, even if is male all the time bully world first throne, even if becomes world feather altar nearly 10 years to come to the first continue to hold a title the male single team member of gold of contest of world bright and beautiful, but what he hopes most still is can prove oneself on the competition ground of the Olympic Games. And the pressure on Li Chongwei body is constant unlike advocate the Lin Dan that fight comes gently, as a male single of Malaysia, the cummer Huang Miaozhu that becomes him, his teammate Huang Zonghan, Chen Wenhong / Gu Jianjie is in when Bencibi suffers a defeat in succession in contest, he instigated to carry off for Malaysia alone the important task of gold of on the history first Olympic Games.

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