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Attack continuously: At silvering coin not to know to had gained the championshi
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Sohu sports dispatch " we had not wanted how to celebrate a victory, we did not consider the result of the match. We are hit too devotedly, enter match state completely in the center. In that condition, I do not know the match ended even.

" this is Du Jing / Yu Yang is in carry off champion the condition of that one instant, because too devoted, they do not have any special congratulatory kind even. "We are particularly excited at that time, did not think of how to be celebrated, be being held in the arms together with Li Dao is our particularly actual performance. Be being held in the arms together with Li Dao is our particularly actual performance..

The small put up with that attends the Olympic Games first enters finals, doorway is in the home fights, face a pair of foreign countries to combine even at the same time, how do they adjust pressure? Yu Yang says: "Every athlete is in this moment, the metropolis on psychology and thought gets a few influences, I adjust my psychology before contest as far as possible. My method sleeps namely raise enough energy, present that momently, I begin excitement. I begin excitement..

From both sides record of the closest fight hand to hand looks, they are in encounter in the final of flower contest completely this year, at that time Li Jingyuan / Du Jing of Li Xiaozhen conquer / Yu Yang wins championship. Regard a psychological dominant position, korea combination is powerful perhaps combine at China, and they are done not have advocate the pressure of field. Accordingly, combination of the China before contest is done sufficient difficult preparation. However, of Li Jingyuan get hurt complete beyond the expect of Chinese team.

The match undertakes the first bureau 9 than 8 after preceding, li Jingyuan is abrupt sprain left ankle. She at once to advocate juridical signal, the judgment looks for the doctor of the sports meet, the base that gives Li Jingyuan is wrapped on adhesive plaster, after putting on ankle support, li Jingyuan is returned afresh again on field. Later, "The ankle is injured to be able to contrast of course contest produces an effect, but we also are done sufficient all sorts of preparation, undeniable get hurt this to produce lubricious meeting to give you to my energy influence. " Li Jingyuan says, at the same time she still stresses Chinese line advocate field advantage is not particularly strong.

After this, li Jingyuan is attendant the shift that go up changes apparently delay, the ball before a lot of nets she cannot reach the designated position in time. And dozen of way that young combination of China also changes puissant former days smash the ball, pull condole to give priority to with around. Of Li Jingyuan get hurt, can be regarded as the turning point on field. Nevertheless, do not agree with after foreign competition, she says: "I should thank Li Yongbo directive and attendant below remind, he lets us hold to tactics to make a way, let us was not affected by adversary. Before we are surpassed, prepared a lot of, attendant go up to also be hit very hardly. Attendant go up to also be hit very hardly..
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