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Pete - Gai De: The Waerdeneier of badminton bound should go
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Gai De came again, he has attended the Olympic Games the 3rd times; Today, he should leave.

After last match of Beijing Olympic Games ends, he says, “ Lin Dan's expression is first-rate today, I cannot reduce my error. He knows ” , oneself had been had no longer contend badminton is top-ranking the force of ace. He still goes all out do one's best, the 2nd bureau is bitten all the time 16 than 21.

Tonight, his teammate, the world is ranked the 4th the Lasimusen that is washed out prematurely however is cheered for him on bleachers.

Looking at Gai Deman head is sweat ground step down field, attendant reporter says, watch the game of he and Lin Dan, have a word only, “ admire ” . When Gai De attendant on by small his Lin Dan of 7 years old is hit so that be hard put to cope with, when full field runs, the audience of the spot besides acclaim for Lin Dan, also unfeignedly is Gai De insist to applause.

Olympic Games of 0 years of 2 Sydney, he ranks 4, olympic Games of 4 years of 00 2 Athens, lid heart go no further 4 strong. On Beijing Olympic Games, he is in by block the way again 4 strong besides.

He was in the past 10 years one of athletes with world feather the most remarkable altar, ever arrived 1999 2 2 years 00 rank the world continuously the first.

But after Sydney Olympic Games, gai De already summit summit no longer, he understands himself is not any more in those days the world ranks temporarily that lid heart, he in those days can beat any rival, now, his world rank always is in the 6th wander to 9.

Nearly two years, gai Dejing often is asked about the problem about the age, he frankly speaking: “ I am not young, it is good before that physical strength and energy are done not have, so dozen of my law also changing as the growth of the age, but this does not represent me old really. ”

Young when, the lid heart attack with fast swift and fierce be good at, but the abundance of the growth as the age, experience, graduate hits control ball to give priority to.

Learn shuttlecock from 4 years old, up to now, gai De had played 28 years of badminton. And he insists to be on competition ground all the time, it is the player that an adversary cannot ignore from beginning to end.

Gai Deceng expresses, he not extravagant hopes wins how old glory on Beijing Olympic Games, he just wants to taking bat to stand on the competition ground of the Olympic Games, enjoy the ringing drive reputation of the applause of the audience and bat: I am not afraid of “ be defeated, I thought of the Olympic Games the first round to be washed out even, I just want to be mixed again these person argue, let everybody know, hey, this old guy did not imagine Gai De medium old, he still can go. ”
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