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Du Jing Yu Yang: If can choose we also do not hope civil war
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Beijing time on August 13, 2008 the Olympic Games female double semifinal appeared the civil war of Chinese feather team. Force of Yi of the Kingdom of Wei / Zhang Yawen, Du Jing / this is in Yu Yang finally to combination encounter in semifinals. And finally, du Jing / at silvering coin this falls continuously to young general two bureaus beat Wei Yi power / Zhang Yawen, enter finals smoothly. After contest, although won the contest, but it is to beat teammate promotion however, this is regretful to girl or some: "If can choose, we also do not hope to face such civil war. We also do not hope to face such civil war..

"The match can promote today finals, a little excited still, if if can choose,passing, we also do not hope to come up against them of course, it is the match of the Olympic Games after all, we are teammate. " the Yu Yang after contest expresses. And team of second China feather is here medium, yu Yang is exclusive a person that holds two concurrently personally, when the reporter asks about her physical ability to be affected, yu Yang states the impact is not big: "Should not some, each days play a game, time is stagger, without what influence. Without what influence..

And only female pair of Du Jing of a project in mixing double competition, will to the spot be a partner to be cheered at silvering coin, and she also shows the game from the back the teammate that she also can continue to be her in the spot is cheered.  

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