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Age of Zhang Yawen gold retires surprising badminton care of can of female team
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Female sheet 4 strong, chinese player held 3 seat; Male single semifinal, also will appear the form of two Chinese players; But in 3 doubles match, the expression of Chinese player not can satisfactory, what before be being surpassed especially, be thought to seize gold to ensure is female double and mix double more successional suffer blow, however more surprising is, go up besides field suffer a defeat besides, chinese feather team is in actually a few Yang Wei, Zhang Jiewen, tall 崚 and Zhang Yawen were lost in the day these 4 female will.

Inferior Wen retires Jing making a person

Expressing what will retire after current Olympic Games clearly the earliest is Zhang Jiewen of / of Yang Wei of the female double champion that defend crown, after 2 when lose Japanese line in the quarterfinal female double combination, yang Wei and Zhang Jiewen shed sad tear, zhang Jiewen is crying to say, him disappoint the accredit of drill team, most be afraid that those who see is Li Yongbo.

And be in after the match the following day, zhang Jiewen announced to will choose to retire, actually, after the amour exposure with Zhong Tengfu of Malaysia famous general, zhang Jiewen disappears from group of Chinese badminton nation is only sooner or later problem.

With Zhang Jiewen, yang Weijian holds Beijing Olympic Games, also be the experience that drill team hopes to be able to use her, initiate concussion to the champion of Beijing Olympic Games again, after because this is in,the road of strong coronal is broken by block, yang Wei also chose to retire. With Yang Wei, Zhang Jiewen the circumstance is returned similarly have tall 崚 , be in actually and after old partner Zhang Jun ravels, before the expression of tall 崚 is inferior to 4 years, stabilize, and this Olympic Games is more first-run a bureau, already impossible again tall 崚 of 4 years chooses battle retire, also be understandable thing. What make everybody baffling however is, all matches of badminton still are undertaking, so many team member announces to retire in same time, it is a blow to badminton team morale.

In addition, compare with the 3 veteran photograph above, be born in the Zhang Yawen 1983 to also choose to retire after the journey that ended the Olympic Games, make everybody surprised, retire for what after all your person indissolubles. Zhang Yawen is defeated by / of teammate Du Jing to retire at announcing after ocean in female double semifinal, according to Zhang Yawen's age, she can become the main force of an Olympic Games originally.

National feather foreground makes a person care

On current Beijing Olympic Games, chinese team altogether has champion of 4 Olympic Gameses to fight in forefront. "Female sheet is Zhang Ning, female double it is Zhang Jiewen of Yang Wei / , mix double it is tall 崚 , the desire that actually some people attend Beijing Olympic Games at the beginning in them is not particularly intense, but team of national group coach hopes they can hold to 4 years again very much however, " a senior coach of domestic badminton group tells a reporter, "It is to hope these old team member can use his experience to be pounded again on one hand, but still have a very main reason, hope these old team member can be those young team member to partake namely major pressure, these young team member are being taken to grow in the match. These young team member are being taken to grow in the match..
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