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Feather ball daughter is odd: Lu Lan is entered easily 8 fall by force annulus f
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Late on August 11, olympic Games badminton in final of female odd 1/8, lu Lan of Chinese young general continued the kilter yesterday goes back on his word with player of Canada of 2-0 beat easily this, whole field costs 28 minutes only. The 2nd such successful promotion after Lu Lan Yecheng is afterwards Zhang Ning players of 8 strong Chinese female sheet, below annulus she will encounter Huang Miaozhu of Malaysia famous general likely.

Head bureau match, lu Lan entered state quickly, those who obtain 8-0 is good a bureau, enter time-out with 11-3. The Lai Si after time-out found the sense of a few matches a little, do all one can chases after score close, but the actual strength difference between two people is too big, lu Lan held the condition on field from beginning to end. After 16-7, lu Lan also has any change without the fraction that yields adversary again, herself connects 5 minutes, score the lock is in surely 21¬-7, take the first bureau easily.

The 2nd bureau, leave in Lu Lan bureau after connecting 4 minutes, bilk what wake at the beginning of Si Cairu dream to begin to chase score, lu Lan is not urgent nevertheless not slow, firm maintenance is worn 4, 5 minutes banner. When entering a technology to pause, lu Lan precedes with 11-6 adversary 5 minutes. After time-out, lu Lan appears some too loosen, and Lai Si seized the opportunity to spread out to strike back, chase after score for a time to 11: 14, but the Lu Lan that holds absolutely dominant position on actual strength lived firmly very quickly condition, immediately ended the contest with the attack wave of round of 7-1, score is 21-12.

Final, lu Lan promotes easily with 2-0 like yesterday, below one round of match she will be mixed with Malaysia player Huang Miaozhu the winner of Bulgaria player Neideerqiewa contends for a 4 strong qualifications. If Huang Miaozhu can win out, she will become Lu Lan first when carry can encounter Benciao true strong opponent. Conquer adversary can the one big strong opponent on the road of Wei Mian of broom China women's singles, this also will be the one big challenge to Lu Lan.

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