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Feather ball male single: Chen Jin 2-0 fast get the better of New Zealand player
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Beijing time on August 11, match of badminton of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games spreads out contention the 3rd day, male single Chen Jin of young general of 4 seeds, China, the Olympic Games in him is developed in first match outstanding, cost 28 minutes only, with 2-0 (21-9, 21-11) comfortable victory John Moody of New Zealand player, male single of successful push forward 16 strong, happy event greet Olympic Games make a good beginning, he is falling annulus adversary, will be French player Keeraofunei.

Alarmingly dangerous is built on the young general Chen Jin of Olympic Games last bus, tong Lindan manages on half division together, in the 2/4 area that oneself are in, only humble of contented of Wei Mian champion is overcome and old horse name has Huang Zenghan not the actual strength of common, but two people are in however a war experience, final Huang Zenghan falls into disuse to defend crown champion push forward 16 strong, he is in extremely likely with Chen Jin 1/4 final experience, but old horse often compares what in last few years condition glides apparent, chen Jin should develop stability only, promotion 4 strong should the question is not big.

The match at the beginning, old gold lies apparently explore level, hit very carefully, 3 hands or feet just is sent completely after making the same score, very quick style reveals the advantage on actual strength, break off condole successive and procurable, connect 8 minutes unexpectedly, precede with 11-3 enter rest between the bureau. After crossing-over field, chen Jin impetus is not decreased, no matter be to put a net to still be broken off,kill close put freely, expand the advantage very quickly 17-6. Face 4 seeds, john Moody exposes a huge gap on actual strength, just use Chen Jin's error, win a few finite minutes. Chen Jin wins right-hand seat bureau easily with 21-9.

The 2nd bureau, pass one bureau after suiting, chen Jin understood the actual strength of adversary completely, no matter be,mix before the net Gao Yuanqiu is completely active, rely on sharp attack, successive and procurable, those who obtain 8-1 is perfect a bureau. Later, appeared a few times error, but still precede with 11-5 enter rest between the bureau. After crossing-over field, intent the Chen Jin of fast battle quick decision, accelerated match rhythm apparently, pull open score 17-8, grab game ball very quickly with 20-10, win finally with 21-11 left the 2nd bureau, total score 2-0 is over surpass rival, hold one's head high male single of push forward Olympic Games 16 strong.

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