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Badminton Dan Shouxiu of male single forest Lu Lan enters Xie Xingfang of Wan Sh
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Beijing time is late on August 11, proceed of match of Olympic Games badminton, in women's singles match, lu Lan of our country player and Xie Xingfang all the adversary with great respective victory, promotion 8 strong. In men's singles match, lin Dan comes on the stage below promotion of great victory adversary one round first.

Lu Lan's adversary is Canadian player Lai Si, this is the match of wide gap of a strength, head bureau match Lu Lan leaves bureau with 8-0 be far ahead, after this she precedes the great disparity score with 21-7 gets the better of one bureau first all the way, she opens the 2nd bureau bureau precede with 4-0 again, although the other side defends tenaciously, also hit a few good shot, but eventually actual strength differs too big, lu Lan gets the better of one bureau again with 21-12 again, promote smoothly thereby 8 strong.

Xie Xingfang's adversary is family of White Russia player farming, xie Xingfang hits compare convenient and easy to use, head bureau match her score is banner all the time, although appeared a few times error, but still gained a victory with 21-16. The more relaxed freely that she plays game of the 2nd bureau, break off a string of 1 and next pressing to notch again and again, gained a victory very quickly with 21-15, promote thereby 8 strong.

The adversary of Lin Dan of seed of men's singles number one is Wu Wei of player of Chinese Hong Kong, head what bureau match Lin Dan hits is dovisher, do not be eager to having fast assault, use patience draw condole and attack of assault of control wait for one's chance, after preceding in 6-5, he is connected so that pull open score 6 minutes with 12-5, although after this Wu Wei does his utmost to accelerate aggression rate, what Dan Lindan hits is quite stable, controlling the aspect on field from beginning to end, score precedes all the way, get the better of one bureau first with 21-16. Play of Wu Wei of the 2nd bureau is more outstanding, aggression notchs continuously, bilateral score rises alternately, for many times draw, hitting into 10 after making the same score, lin Dan accelerated aggression rate suddenly, the Xiaogao that hit 7-1 is wet, with 17-11 be far ahead, gained a victory easily with 21-13 finally.

In the contest of singles of other men and women that ends tonight, the Hallam that German veteran Xu conceives Wen to wash out England easily with 2-0 promotes women's singles 8 strong. Heart of Danish veteran lid pulls Simali with player of Algerian of 2-0 beat easily, below promotion men's singles one round.

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