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Bao Chun comes 2-0 hardship gets the better of Guatemala player care of can of 3
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Beijing time on August 11, match of badminton of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games spreads out contention the 3rd day, the Bao Chun that takes the lead in appearing in male single national champion will enter state some are slow, the dogged resistance that encounters division of · of Guatemala player Kevin is ascended, it is the outstanding play that relies on Cheng of every bureau second half only, with 2-0 (21-17, 21-16) hardship beat rival, push forward male single 16 strong, he is falling annulus adversary, will be polish player Puremeisiwafu Wacha.

Bao Chun will manage 3/4 division personally, the situation is more favorable, actual strength of hand of before a few wheel pair is weaker, whole area has Li Xuan only one, the opponent that Jonathan has actual strength twice quite, in the one showing number that just ends annulus in the match, li Xuan washed out Jonathan with 2-1 hardship changeover, come to Bao Chun for, this is a more favorable situation. In this year Malaysia in super contest, jonathan ever was in 8 strong in washed out Bao Chun to come with 2-0. And May Shangmusi the cup is right in the final of Korea, bao Chun comes is be over with 2-0 Sheng Lixuan one. Do not give an accident, bao Chun will will be the same as Li Xuan encounter in 1/4 final.

It is the match defers a hour probably, affect the position that comes to Bao Chun, the match at the beginning, 3 seeds enter state slower, division ascend the error that captures Bao Chun to come, closely bite into score, from 1 smooth all the time refuse to budge arrives 6 smooth, later, bao Chun will appear continuously error, division ascend precede with 8-7 instead. Fortunately Bao Chun stabilizes state of mind in time, depend on advantage of height, speed, exceed score very quickly instead with 10-8, precede with 11-9 enter rest between the bureau. Rest after returning, bao Chun will did not find a sense as before, division ascend hit actively active, chase after for a time 12 smooth, exceed score very quickly instead with 15-14. The moment of truth, bao Chun will change through abounding ball road, enhance the quality that answer a ball, gradually changeover passive, exceed score very quickly instead with 18-16, finally with 21-17 Jing takes right-hand seat bureau without jaws.

Come to the 2nd bureau, bao Chun will be heated up a little slow as before, kedengliande 3 minutes, those who obtain 3-0 is outstanding a bureau. Face a sports meet 3 seeds, division of 22 years old is ascended none cowardly, hit actively main attack, dare to fall in be locked in a stalemate pressure grab attack, hold the dominant position very quickly 8-5. Later, bao Chun comes condition has improvement greatly, through accelerating match rhythm, connect 4 minutes, exceed score instead with 9-8, but the division with excellent position is ascended or precede with 11-10 enter rest between the bureau. After crossing-over field, bao Chun will be absent as before condition, division ascend take the chance to expand the advantage 15-13. Later, 3 seeds as if wakening from a dream, found position eventually, hind break off reduce a force dye-in-the-wood, connect 5 minutes, exceed score instead with 19-15, win finally with 21-16 left the 2nd bureau, jing does not have male single of jaws push forward 16 strong.
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