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Sohu attacks continuously: The audience does not wish to see media of game ball
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Through weekend, the Olympic Games is in Beijing time on August 11 proceed, this also is the playday of the first blame since the Olympic Games opens contest. Nevertheless, the rate of seat of honour of badminton match house that this appears to did not let Beijing industry university gets an effect.

In the morning at 10 o'clock the match in the begining, had had on bleachers more than most probably rate of seat of honour.

Mostly strong Chinese group comes the audience, their mood is a little complex. On one hand, they hope to see game of Chinese team member, hope they win victory; And on the other hand, they are not willing again Chinese team member is won too fast. In match of 10 days, zhang Ning comes on stage first degrees, face Thailand player Bosana, zhang Ning the 2nd bureau precedes with big score, grabbed game ball very quickly. Right now, on the bleachers with 2 the closest field that are apart from piece of peaceful place match, suddenly a fan cries greatly: Do not want game ball! Do not want game ball! Of this and full-court cheer sound antipathetic, the reporter that leaves so that wait to interview in mixture area again and again sidelong glance, other audience also erupts well-meaning laugh.

Of course, not all moment is such " troubling happily " . 11 days morning, yang Wei of the female double champion that defend crown / Zhang Jiewen is in female pair of 8 strong fight are medium go out unexpectedly bureau. This is Chinese team in most give the player of the bureau first, see be used to the audience that Chinese player wins a ball, get used to such unsuccessful occasion very hard for a short while. When Yang Wei / Zhang Jiewen is when big score of the 3rd bureau is backward, the spot is silent, nobody can find appropriate method to come incentive team member, awkward silence at a meeting of lively always and unusual boreal labour big gymnasium...

The audience has not done good psychology to prepare to accept China to lose a ball, japanese media also did not get ready it seems that receive sth. recieves little attention. Because Japanese player will attend 11 days morning female pair of matches with female sheet, boreal project is big badminton house afflux many Japanese media. Their early reachs place, the media division on bleachers holds very good position. However, when Japan combination reverses condition, when realizing changeover, japanese media is unusually sober however. After be being taken, cropland beauty is arranged before and end key link acute hearing child face of cover of ground of in pairs genuflect cries, the reporter on bleachers does not have any excited expression however, they stand up silently, go to cover an area silently.

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