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The tiger opens Bao Chun Laiqi triumphant 2-0 to be over get the better of adver
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Beijing time on August 11, match of badminton of Beijing Olympic Games enters contention of the 3rd day, in the final of 1/16 of a male single that just ends, sports meet tiger of 3 seeds, China comes to Bao Chun to fall continuously two bureaus, 2-0 (21-17, 21-16) be over get the better of division of · of Guatemala player Kevin to ascend, successful promotion 16 strong.

Chinese tiger comes to Bao Chun to appear eventually, its characteristic is height arm grows, the action is quick, play a ball game comprehension is taller. 2004 Athenian Olympic Games, bao Chun of 21 years old will represent Chinese feather team give battle Olympic Games for the first time. Bao spring comes between 1/8 final 0-2 not enemy Korea Piao Tai photograph of the 3rd singles, left regretfully Athenian Olympic Games. After this two years, bao Chun will be compared oneself are young still Lin Dan of a year old is coerced all the time; Till semifinal of station of France of super last year contest, xiaobao tries hard to defeat Lin Dan, broke the heart evil spirit that Feng Lin defeats surely. It is he can play numerous game into finals only, do not have a predestined relationship finally with champion again. Today his adversary is 22 years old division of · of Guatemala player Kevin is ascended, this person had not appeared on international competition ground almost, it is normal to come accordingly Bao Chun wants to develop only, the opportunity of get victory is greater still.

Head bureau match begins, bao Chun will take the lead in entering state, before 4 pat obtain with 3-1 banner. · division ascends Kevin to also unwilling to lag behind, chase after dichotomy hind to be made the same score with 3-3 battle repeatedly. At this moment before Bao Chun will get online control a network bit higher quickly, kevin · division is ascended defend error desertions a minute, from the point of whole scene, the technical level that Kevin · division records is quite lofty, the characteristic with ball fierce wind is had on his body. Before the Olympic Games, kevin · division is ascended is a nobody merely. In bureau phase, bilateral contention is relatively intense, bao Chun will below the case with lead 10-8 be exceeded to be 15-14 instead by the other side. Second half Cheng, bao Chun will weigh orderly beat, take 3 cent hind to recover score continuously. Last hour, bao Chun will use fast and accurate smooth high ball to press rival closely in the bottom line, kevin · division ascends the pace that struck back advancement stops after failure, 21-17, bao Chun Laixian gets the better of one bureau.

The contention of the 2nd bureau is relatively intense, of multiterminal of change of Guatemala young general serve tactics threw into confusion the aggression that Bao Chun comes to covers a region, arrive from 4-2 6-4, division of Guatemala Kevin · ascends situation person quite tall, the Bao Chun that regards a sports meet as 2 seeds comes condition is not very good today, the likelihood is the play that first match and spot atmosphere disturbed him. When entering a technology to pause, bao Chun will lag behind one minute with 10-11. Second half Cheng, bao Chun will find the match feel gradually, he uses fast and accurate smooth high ball to publish Kevin · section press closely in the bottom line, will pull the physical strength of dry the other side with this, the tactics that apparent Bao Chun comes to got result. Final, bao Chun will end a war with 21-16, ascend with division of · of 2-0 Wan Shengkai article thereby, promotion 16 strong.
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