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Zhang Ning 2-0 beats Quan Zaijuan easily Pi Gongyan of lad of 8 powerful join fo
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Beijing time on August 11, the key of a 1/8 of female only competition was opposite badminton of Beijing Olympic Games 2008 definitely in, sports meet force of first matches 2-1 overcame afterwards of 2 seeds Zhang Ning yesterday one elder sister of Thailand after Bosana, with 2-0 (21-11, 21-12) Quan Zaijuan of player of comfortable victory Korea. Enter 8 strong later Zhang Ning will accept France the challenge of Pi Gongyan of one elder sister, her old friend old rival.

Contest is made public to go up in the Chinese badminton 2007, veteran Zhang Ning once 0-2 not enemy Quan Zaijuan does not have a predestined relationship 8 strong. And the first time yesterday appears, zhang Ning of female Chan Guanjun of Athenian Olympic Games also is condition makes a person anxious, she the first bureau is defeated by Bosana, just win the big changeover that two bureaus realize repeatedly later. Now day her singles 1/8 final, it is to be in Yang Wei of champion of female double Olympic Games / Zhang Jiewen gives bureau hind to begin unexpectedly, the pressure on Zhang Ning body cans be imagined.

After match of the first bureau begins, zhang Ning holds occasion quickly active, she is first those who obtain 8-4 is banner. Quan Zaijuan's technology is so full-scale without Zhang Ning, and the weakness that Zhang Ning also changes to opened bureau slow heat yesterday, she is hit not conservatively, she grabs the ball before a lot of nets actively attack, next Zhang Ning precedes with 11-5 enter first time technology to pause. In bureau phase, zhang Ning is first continue to precede with 15-8, subsequently she maintained 19-11. Final Zhang Ning left the first bureau with 21-11 is taken easily.

The two people after the 2nd bureau begins are hassle becomes 2-2 first, quan Zaijuan is hit very tenaciously in this phase, zhang Ning pulls open score very hard. Zhang Ning is good later not easy ability precedes with 11-9 enter first time technology to pause. This stage is larger to Zhang Ning's test, phase of the bureau in second bureau if she can withstand, take next competitions very will successful. Zhang Ning of phase of the bureau in entering controlled rhythm well, did not give adversary any chances, she precedes again with the very preponderance of 19-11. Final Zhang Ning wins the victory of the 2nd bureau with 21-12, fall continuously two bureaus beat Quan Zaijuan to kill into female Chan Bajiang.

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