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Besides motion - maintain health of body and mind
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1.Get up first alternate by
Human body itself, also be source of a pollution. In the Morpheus of one night, the skin of human body is met eduction is many vapor, make a quilt different level land be affected with damp be affected with damp. The chemical material of the person's breath and the pore eduction of distributinging whole body has 145 kinds, the chemical material that evaporates from inside sweat fluid has 151 kinds. The quilt is absorbed or adsorbed water distributes amiable system, if do not let its send out,go out, get up instantly alternate by, make quilt be affected with damp be affected with damp is reached easily get chemical material pollution.
2.Life common sense
The fruit often can decay, people is dug up partly with hilt decay, remain the part that did not decay to eat at once. Actually? This is wrong. Because although remain not cankered? But already was eroded by the harmful material of the generation in microbial metabolization process for the most part among them, especially fungus is accelerated in the breed on the fruit, partial fungus can produce toxic material in progenitive process.
Can these toxic substance pass fruit juice to diffuse to not cankered part from cankered part? Make not cankered part contains substance of likewise microbial metabolization with cankered part? Especially fungus toxin, some meetings cause cancer.
3.Do not have breakfast
Normally food does not have the person that does not have breakfast the rule, feel easily tired, giddy and faint, after a considerable period of time can cause hidebound, anaemic, resistance to reduce, can produce pancreas, gall-stone.
4.Belt loosens after the meal
Can make celiac internal pressure drops, the bear quantity of the activity of peptic and ligament increases, make intestines peristalsis aggravate thereby, easy happening volvulus, make a person abdominal distension, bellyacke, vomiting, contract the disease such as gastroptosis easily still.
5.Meal hind sleeps namely
Can make the blood of cerebrum flows to gastric ministry, because blood pressure is reduced, the quantity feeding oxygen of cerebrum also decreases subsequently, after causing a meal exceeding and tired, easy cause pyrosis and indigestion, return meeting get fat. If blood already had the case of in short supply formerly, topple after the meal sleep, the condition of this kind of fall asleep, bring about extremely easily apoplectic.
Cause memory easily to drop, thinking is slow, attention is not centered, ability of meet an emergency is abate. Often gorge, cross full dinner especially, absorb because of quantity of heat too much, can make inside body adipose and superfluous, hematic fat heighten, bring about sclerosis of appearance of cerebral artery congee. Still can cause a kind to cry " fiber bud cell grows factor " material, count in cerebrum with 10 thousand times growth, this is a kind of protein that makes arteriosclerosis. The result of arteriosclerosis can bring about the head cerebrum is anoxic with devoid nutrition, affect the metabolism of cerebral cell. Often gorge, still can cause gall-stone, cholecystitis, diabetic wait for a disease, make person prematurely senile, loss of life.
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