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Athletic exhaustion eliminates a doctrine
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Enough sleep: Morpheus is the linchpin that removes fatigue refection. Canvasser should assure the 8 Morpheus of 9 one hours everyday, make airframe is in loosen condition completely.


Through massaging not only can promote pallium excitement and low-key changeover, because of what exhaustion causes nerve adjustment disappears mussily, still can promote haemal circulation, strengthen local blood to supply, eliminate exhaustion. When massaging, carry with kneading give priority to, use alternately by pressure, buckle fold wait for gimmick, massage can be after athletic end or sleep in the evening ongoing travel.

Arrange motion  

Stop abruptly after violent campaign, can affect the complement of oxygen and vein blood circumfluence, make blood pressure is reduced, cause undesirable reaction. Accordingly, should do after motion arrange motion, the start is slow, loosen, make the body restores.

Wen Shuiyu  

Have exciting and hemal dilate, stimulative metabolism and blood circulate, remove fatigue effect. Temperature appropriate of Wen Shuiyu is controlled in 40 ℃ , every time 15 - 20 minutes.

Medicaments therapeutics  

Use vitamin or natural medicaments, can effective adjustment function of human body physiology, quicken metabolism, complementary capabilities, reduce constituent oxygen demand, improve haemal circulation, compensatory muscle nutrition. Current, commonly used medicaments has vitamin B1, B12, slender acanthopanax of vitamin C, E, the root of remembranous milk vetch, thorn: Ginseng, aweto and pollen.

Reasonable arrangement is prandial  

Complementary capabilities and vitamin should notice when exhaustion, especially candy, vitamin C reachs B1, should choose eat rich nutrition and easily digestive food, eat fresh vegetable, fruit more.

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