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Before motion, medium, hind how to complement water portion
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The portion of correct complement water after motion besides can complement outside the water portion of body prediction of a person's luck in a given year, can promote metabolism more, raise Yan Meirong. Before how be being moved at carry, medium, hind compensatory water portion, offer you to make reference below:

Before motion

Before motion half hours can complement first 300-500c. Cold water, in order to have the place when motion wants water share, water is lacked when preventing exercise, can extend athletic time.

In motion

(1) can complement ten minutes every 100-200c.c cold water.
(2) person often has " defer is thirsty " phenomenon, remind you to fasten when thirsty just drink water! If when thirsty ability drinks water to express to already had inside body dehydrate phenomenon.

After motion

(Every should last 15 minutes to drink water 100-200c.c to be bleached by yellow to uric fluid all the time after 1) moves, transparent till.
(2) dehydrates (systemic perspiration) amount to 2 kilograms of above to need compensatory salt solution, but chroma is unfavorable and exorbitant, in every 1000c.c water, saline portion does not exceed 2 fair grams (make an appointment with) of area of little finger armour. Saline portion is exorbitant will quicken dehydration phenomenon instead, and make temperature elevatory (temperature of tall Wu Zhengchang) , bring about fatigue in advance to happen, or the time that extends exhaustion.
(Portion of the candy in water of 3) every 1000c.c cannot exceed 25 fair grams, chroma secretes exciting insulin too high, cause blood sugar to reduce instead.

Drinkable cold water answers after a large number of perspiration
After a large number of perspiration be absorbed by human body to make water portion easy, drinkable 8-12 spends the cold water of C to be absorbed the most easily by the stomach.

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