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Athletic health protection
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The expert has said early, right amount motion is helpful for health, so does excessive move? The expert did not say, the individual thinks excessive motion is Shuang Renjian, have already than right amount motion more the element that is helpful for health, also produce the thing that goes against health. Except dish bird, general badminton campaign is excessive, then we were about to notice, must reduce badminton motion to go against healthy another blade.

So does excessive games produce those to go against healthy element?

1, disappear energy consumption

2, inorganic salt loss

3, moisture loss

4, use up a vitamin

5, produce freedom radical, cross oxygen freedom especially base

What basically say here is the problem of athletic beverage, other if use up protein to wait,complement very hard in beverage, did not say with respect to oversight, but the archenemy that producing freedom radical is health, although beverage offset divides freedom radical the help is not great, but it is very worth while that its are endangered everybody is vigilant.
Still note the following respect so:

1, the dextrose of 3% , the cane sugar of 2% , of 2% low get together complex sugar.

2, sodium chloride (salt) , citron acerbity natrium (can use bicarbonate sodium namely sodium bicarbonate replaces) , potassium chloride in proportion 35:29(25):15, deserve to come 1~2% .

3, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, a of E of vitamin C, vitamin, vitamin, vitamin PP (Nick is acerbity) composite products, the scale with general and daily need is advisable, but the proportion that had better increase vitamin C and vitamin E appropriately (I follow in the card of athletic beverage saying when post is vitamin A, make now correct, because vitamin C reachs vitamin E,to keeping clear of freedom radical has certain effect)

3 kinds of candy mix the matter that compound is: 1. Every other is when playing a ball game commonly 10 come minute or just can drink water more for long, monose, disaccharide, after the scale of answer candy is helpful for the body digesting, send instantly on use, lest the body makes monose - answer candy - of monose change, the burden.2 of aggravating and corresponding organ. Answer candy can promote the small intestine absorption to water and salt (it is better to this bit to add amino acid of course)
The recipe of inorganic salt is World Health Organization (the fluid infusion with affirmatory WHO) square inorganic salt part (the recipe of WHO still has dextrose)
The account that adds a vitamin is when undertaking athletic sports, process of metabolization of the material inside body is strengthened, to the need of the vitamin the quantity increases. Another profit that increases vitamin C and vitamin E is reduce lactic acid accumulate, make lactic acid is changed into monose afresh as soon as possible as soon as possible.

Above is the beverage that often is in ultimate movement condition to fall, general and amateur athletics was not necessary so strict, the complement after having some of thing 9 days is no problem. This just gives everybody a reference. Use the dextrose that added a vitamin and sodium chloride usually (salt) perfectly.
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