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After the summer moves 5 unfavorable
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In the summer that blocks hard hotly, people because all sorts of need, be unavoidable to have all sorts of violent campaign, after the end moves, be used to stopping instantly commonly rest, water in great quantities instantly, take cold water bath immediately, blow air conditioning to wait a moment... little imagine, every this a variety of all right human body is harmful and profitless. After the summer moves, should notice the following 5 unfavorable.

   1. is unfavorable stop instantly rest

When violent campaign, the blood of human body is centered in limbs muscle more. As a result of the systole with limbs puissant muscle, can make rapid circumfluence gives much vein blood the heart, the heart sends nourishing artery blood to the whole body again, haemal circulation is splitting. If violent campaign just ended to stop,rest, the much vein blood in limbs is with respect to meeting deposit in vein, the heart can be short of blood, cerebrum also can offer the anoxia account such as blood is insufficient and occurrence dizziness, disgusting, vomiting, shock because of the heart. Accordingly, when violent campaign just ended, should do some loosen adjust an activity. After be like long-distance running gradually instead canters, take a few steps again, knead massage a leg, do deep breathing a few times to wait. Can make fast blood comes down smoothly slowly circularly so, those who be helpful for the lactic acid in muscle is cleared, eliminate exhaustion.

   2. is unfavorable water in great quantities instantly

Sorching summer, people is used to drinking water in great quantities after violent campaign, can make the content of the salt in blood is reduced so, together with perspires, salinity is lost more easily, make the cell is permeated more easily pressure reduce, bring about sodium decompensation, produce the phenomenon such as crick. Because blood of bowel of the stomach when violent campaign is little, the function is poor, to the absorption of water ability loses, overmuch water infiltration is mixed to the cell in pledging between the cell. Cerebral tissue is secured inside hard skull, cerebral cell strut can cause cerebral blood pressure to lift, make the person appears headache, vomiting, be addicted to sleeps, visual faintness, rhythm of the heart is slow wait for water toxic symptom. And, one-time drink water overmuch, gastric bowel can appear to bilge uncomfortably to feel completely, if lay down,rest to be able to affect heart lungs activity because of extruding midriff flesh more. So, after violent campaign, although the mouth also shoulds not be one-time yearningly drink water overmuch, should use " for many times little drink " the method drinks water.

   Cold water bathes on 3. unfavorable horse, blowy

Somebody pursues temporarily delighted, violent campaign just ended, blow with fanner immediately, enter air conditioning room or enjoy the cool in place of shady and cool a place with a draught. This meeting takes away the body a lot of quantity of heat, make skin temperature has dropped fast, carry neurological reflex activity, can cause the upper respiratory tract vasomotor, nose cilium swings slow, reduce local disease-resistant force, right now the bacterial virus inside respiratory tract meets parasitism breed in great quantities, cause the disease such as catch a cold, cold, tracheitis extremely easily. Still some people enter the water to swim or have cold water bath instantly instantly after violent campaign, because limbs temperature and water are warm six to one, produce crus cramp easily also. Accordingly, sweat fluid should be wiped first after violent campaign, when waiting for sweat to go out no longer, reentry swims all right or cold water bath is relatively appropriate.
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