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The food of conduce refection
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The food that wants clear help refection is aimed at match hind not just, after training at ordinary times coequal also and important. Often be engaged in long, the athlete that high strenth trains should complement ceaselessly everyday the glycogen that uses up, moisture and Potassium. And, so that,carbohydrate and moisture should be in quickly as far as possible after training on the complement inside 30 minutes rapid refection. Sound not actual? When your raise one's hand is congratulated each other, can take a bottle of fruit juice or athletic drink incidentally. Once make choice of suits your cookbook, enjoy these food to the top of one's bent

But this cookbook should have the following requirement:

1, include to flow in great quantities feed, be like water, fruit juice, athletic beverage, the fruit with soup and more moisture and vegetable (be like, tomato grape, orange, watermelon, lettuce and cucumber) .

2, the food that includes carbohydrate content to abound, be like noodle, tomato patch, rice, biscuit, fruit, yoghurt.

3, include right amount lean lean, complement is protein.

4, include a few food that contain a lot ofpotassium, be like potato, banana, orange, orange juice and currant.

5, must not complement through going up to spill salt or eat salt directly to food the natrium of caustic lose. The common eat enough of moderate of a salt is made up for perspire a losing natrium.

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