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The warm up before contest and contest hind warm up
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The ignored before motion prepares activity, or warming-up is done inadequately, incorrect, unscientific, it is the main reason that causes badminton motion loss; Warming-up is inadequate, muscle, splanchnic, neurological function is not excited, muscle measures inadequacy for blood, take action leaves in such body condition, the movement is not inflexible, harmonious, reach easy cause loss.

Before beginning campaign, should have the body above all comprehensive, run-of-mill warming-up, be like body from above to below articulatory activity, include to circle annulus, pull ligament and canter. Want to undertake a few special warming-up next, if brandish shoots activity, starting footwork and the pace that around controls a direction,run use a practice. The quantity of warming-up and time should have been controlled, have to move, also cannot too fierce, should feel calorific with the body, perspire slightly for optimal.

Be in especially cold winter, warming-up is attached most importance to especially should, because muscle ligament is inflexible,avoid, the activity leaves and did not send.

Athletic hind should undertake be arranginged actively relaxation an activity, stimulative sarcous restores. Athletic hind is done in time a few spin the static force of muscle ligament is pulled zip reviews and massage loosen an activity, can promote metabolization of sarcous lactic acid, with alleviating muscle and articulatory ache feel, the refreshment of stimulative muscle exhaustion, because muscle does not have the harm that restore and causes,decreasing to move again is, its method is to use knead hold, beat, shake wait for a method to measure larger muscle position to undertake relaxation to bear. Generally speaking, athletic process medium or should notice to loosen after motion arrange an activity. Pull commonly usedly pull have the following kinds:

1: Pull press tendon of or so calcaneal. Begin to exert oneself to do sth. light, radian is a few smaller, increase power slowly, pull to utmost Shi Jing stops 30 seconds left and right sides, next both hands is kneaded hold, shake loosen crus.

2: Sheet is sufficient stand static force pulls big muscle to stop 30 seconds or so to utmost Shi Jing, leg of sitting position pressing stops to utmost Shi Jing 20 seconds left and right sides, both hands is held loosen ham, stand shake loosen ham.

3: Athletic Qu Shen loosens a waist to carry on the back, beat back

4: The right hand pulls muscle of shake handshandle arm to stop to utmost Shi Jing 30 seconds, do the arm that be the same as 側 to shake next Fang Song. Stand valuable assistant exchange is kneaded hold, shake antebrachium, artifice, fluctuation limb whole body is arranged loosen an activity.

The athlete harms be on guard

One. Reasonable control carry momentum, prevent motion to had been measured big.

Because left and right sides of lower limbs around keeps running for many times repeatedly, upper limbs countless energetically brandish arm drive, lumbar abdomen, trunk is in the motion of the lower limbs on join, indispensable place that makes every movement finish, the body in moving so each place negative charge is big, if carry,the arrangement that uses quantity or content has a bit inadvertent, some is local the burden is overweight, can cause local loss, if undertake for many times energetically smash, criterion knee joint is local muscle burden is overweight; Undertake footwork practices online for many times, criterion knee joint is local the burden is overweight. For this, in motion arrangement of fluctuation limb bear wants proper, density wants to undertake alternately with the content with small density greatly, body of the back of a person of advertent motion the reaction of place, if feel some is local the burden is overweight, should stop this local practice.
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