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How is warm-up done before training
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The warm-up that training or a few minutes do first before the match begins is very good preparation process to the body and attention. Warm up gives cerebrum in order to stimulate, the body that invites you is stronger athletic ready-made. Warm up still can avoid to exert oneself to do sth. suddenly in motion and pull muscle. A lot of other damages also can prevent through correct warm-up.

Warm-up had better begin from drawing activity of the system. Want when drawing slow, avoid to exert oneself to do sth. suddenly, be wanted to exert oneself to do sth. by the scarcely of that part muscle of drawing. After drawing, should do a few run-of-mill warming-up, if slight place runs,jump etc, brought splanchnic organ into play already, the joint that invites the whole body again got warm-up. You can discover the possibility a lot of people do not do warm up to begin violent campaign, but you are not done in that way, because you know warm up makes you healthy, yield your score a success. Still have a bit I want to remind you, that is, training or before the match begins interest gone!

When warm up main few points should by the muscle of drawing: Ham is hind ministry of shoulder of back of ham inside crus.

Drawing ham is hind muscle:

Sit on the ground, stretch the leg that wants drawing before body straight, curve another leg, of whole leg outside ground of side press close to, form a triangle with the leg of unbend, back is erect, bend ahead as far as possible from hip ministry, both hands captures the tiptoe of unbend leg, maintain this pose 20 minutes, when the hand touchs tiptoe not be patient of plays the movement that use formula (do not touch tiptoe to also have nothing to do with)

Muscle of drawing ham inside- - method one

Sitting position, double foot is plantar mutual press close to, knee is maintained outwards and as far as possible * close ground, both hands captures double ankle, maintain this pose, number 10, loosen, repeat 3 times next.

Muscle of drawing ham inside- - method 2

Sitting position, double foot parts in the unbend before body, carry back and knee department straight, submit form ahead from hip ministry, both hands captures bicrural ankle from leg inside, maintain this pose, sensory ham inside by taut, loosen, repeat next.

Drawing crus (hind) muscle

Fu body, with double arm and a leg (unbend, tiptoe touchdown) the body that prop up, another leg is loosened before Qu Yu body, body centre of gravity is centered at propping up crural tiptoe to be in, calcaneal backward, exert oneself to do sth. downward, feel crus is hind muscle by taut, hold nervous position, number 10, loosen, repeat 3 times, change another leg to be done 3 times next.

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