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Sports medicine lecture: Ankle sprain
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Athletes apt is on alley or long-distance running often practices on cross-country race course, and do not wish to run on footpath or highway, they should be done so really. However, the ran on the method extent in rough calm (or was to run into only a small hole or ran roadside) may bring about ankle sprain, this meeting is very aching. Ankle sprain is anklebone of shank of join of your ankle place and foot actually (join finally thereby your foot) tendon is pulled or tear off.

The commonnest ankle sprain is ankle varus, namely your ankle to the body outside side is twisted, sural ligament is apart from before was being pulled. Below this kind of case, of your foot and ankle outside side becomes strut, aching. Unless be in face state is very good, or the site that the autumn won't be covered by the leaf ran, otherwise you cannot avoid ankle sprain. But if your ankle sprain, have a few businesses that you should do.

The basic principle that athletic injury restores is English abbreviate R.I.C.E. It is to rest above all (Rest) . Do not use a foot to walk as far as possible before stopping sorely. Excessive inside this paragraph of time the remedial progress that can delay injury only with the foot, make ache time is lengthened thereby. This that is to say, you not only cannot run, and cannot do any work to use generous issue. It is glacial apply next (Ice) . The ankle cold compress you 15 minutes, stop 15 minutes next, relapse so, do a few times more as far as possible. On the skin that one pocket ice puts in you too cold perhaps, so I suggest, perhaps include ice with towel, perhaps use the cold compress that surgery uses. With respect to the viewpoint of my individual, the pea with a sip of freezing bag is very pretty good. The 3rd it is to press cloth (Compression) . Press entwine ankle gently with compress, make its more stable. Do not tangle desperately forcibly, sluggish of such your meeting block flow to crural blood, go against injury to restore.

Finally is drive up (Elevation) . When you are sitting, can put the foot on a few pillows, such your feet can compare you cardiac position is a few higher, can be helpful for reducing crural ministry strut so.

If be in short-term inside your ankle sprain did not improve, must see a doctor as soon as possible. Malleolar ministry ligament tears off need to be hit or soft or hard gesso, can make only on foot with the foot at this moment case more flooey.

Once the ache of ankle place disappears, loosen first cantered a few days, because of what tear off ligament still cannot resemble be being tightened in that way before. It is a few easier that such meetings make your ankle recovers from an illness. Suggest you do training of sex of force of a few longitudinal, use the position that taut ankle once was injured. To make your ankle becomes strong, you can look for an elastic to begin to train as obstruction, perhaps do some of simple exercise. For instance, attempt ankle exerts oneself to do sth. , a side of the base that uses you turns wall or table slowly, exert oneself to do sth. continuously 5 seconds, rest 5 seconds next, repeat so practice 10 ~ 15 times.
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