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Summer has 10 things you are not done certainly

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Midsummer, the intense heat of summer is become hard, people is get cool, often ignored the health protection that prevent disease, and cause all sorts of unwell feeling, bring about ailment happening even. Accordingly, disappear heat also should tell science, must not treat sth lightly.

Unfavorable sit wood

Common saying says: "The winter does not sit stone, summer do not sit wood " . Summer enrages Wen Gao, humidity is big, wood, especially long the timber in buy open air, chair stool, dew hits drench, hydrous cent is more, the sun is basked in, temperature is elevatory, can send out outwards a damp and hot, make the person suffers from dermatosis, rheumatism and arthritis easily to wait.

Unfavorable eat cold drinks and snacks more

In burning hot summer, if gastric bowel gets the stimulation of a large number of cold drinks and snacks, can accelerate peristalsis, shorten food the retention period in small intestine, affect the human body absorption to food nutrition. In the meantime, because summertime air temperature is high, the quantity of heat inside body sends out not easily, gastric intestinal temperature is higher also, if suffer cold stimulation to be able to cause gastric bowel spasm abruptly, cause abdominal pain.

Unfavorable night bivouac

Midsummer season, the sweat gland that goes up personally secretes sweat fluid outwards ceaselessly, in order to send out the quantity of heat inside body, after be asleep, airframe is in loosen condition, resistance drops temporarily. Right now if be worth night, air temperature drops, encounter air cooling to come over again, dew adds a body, bring about easily have a headache, bellyacke, joint is unwell, cause indigestion and diarrhoea. Night bivouac is bitten easily still by the mosquito, the likelihood catchs disease disease, if cerebrum is phlogistic,wait for disease.

Unfavorable lack siesta

Summertime day long night is short, air temperature is high, the person's metabolism is exuberant, wastage is big also, easy and fatigue. Add nightly and burning hot, sleep uneasiness is firm, bring about Morpheus inadequacy. Accordingly, sleep midday just a little hour, have profit greatly to health. Can make each system gets the body rest, also be a when prevent heatstroke good step.

Fanner is unfavorable blow too for a long time

Electric fan is blown too for a long time can destroy perspired balanced state, make the person feels a be irresolute when firmness is needed of acid of painful, dazed, leg, whole body is unwell, serious person cause other disease possibly still. The night of midsummer is opening electric fan to fall asleep, easier catch cold catch cold. Especially old people and children should notice more.

Air conditioning shoulds not be too greatly

Air conditioning can bring easy environment to the person. But if difference in temperature of room inside and outside is too big, make a person right change of temperature of room inside and outside suits hard and easy " catch a cold " " cold " , and if difference in temperature of room inside and outside is too big, carelessly indoor and ventilated take a breath, can make indoor air muddy, cause all sorts of cause of disease microbial breed. When the airframe resistance that is like a person is reduced, with respect to easy sicken. Accordingly, difference in temperature of summer use air conditioning is not easy too big, had better spend in 5-8 between, cannot exceed 10 degrees greatly most.

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