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Should not be after motion bathe instantly

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Normally, a heat takes water bath after a lot of people like to moving immediately (cold) , think such already but decontamination recoverable exhaustion. Actually otherwise, body of athletic the back of a person has not return to normal condition, unfavorable bathe instantly, wash a hot bath especially.

The research that occupies sports medicine expert makes clear, when the person is moving, flow to sarcous blood grow in quantity, the heartbeat is accelerated. After motion stops, although haemal flow and heartbeat alleviate somewhat, but still can last a paragraph of longer time, if bathe at this moment instantly, can increase blood to reach the discharge inside muscle to the skin again. Make so the blood of a remnant can't supply other vitals, if the heart reachs brain, can cause heart disease consequently.

Some people wash a hot bath after motion namely, often can feel lightheaded thereafter, wait feebly all over unwell, it is afore-mentioned says reason. Especially old people or the body is fat person, the hot bath cannot be washed after motion more instantly.

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