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How food of reasonable arrangement motion

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Summer arrived again, you begin to have gymnastical idea again. Take a walk, by bicycle, badminton, swim, play tennis? Every kinds of motion has diverse special food demand. Follow these dietary institutions please before you begin to challenge motion.

When to drink and what to drink?

Muscle motion brings about systemic kubla khah. Need to drink 1.5 premium everyday daily, and half litres must increase to 1 premium hourly when motion (if the temperature outside exceeds 25˚C,be 1 litre of) . Before beginning to take exercise 15 minutes should drink 1/4 to rise weak mineralize in process of water; campaign at least every 15 minutes of compensatory 1/8 rise weak mineralize water, if campaign is violent, the fruit juice that needs water of compensatory mix into (the fruit juice of 1/3, the water) of 2/3. Soda water of carbonaceous of the complement on wheeler ends in motion, fruit juice or vegetable juice, milk (according to athletic time length compensatory 1/4 rises half litres) eliminate body endotoxin in order to facilitate. By day, you are OK and drinkable the mineral water that contains a lot ofcalcic element and magnesian element, be opposite with compensatory body the demand of mineral salt (the requirement that muscle games raises pair of mineral salt, the volatilization of sweat fluid also can take away the one part in the body mineral salt) . Avoid the water that drink ice, because it may pose the problem of digestion respect.

Why is carbohydrate the most principal?

Candy is the most principal power source in muscle. . Slow candy (amylaceous, biscuit, small butter biscuit) can store well candy is divided (dextrose memory) , this also is the exclusive the sources of energy that achieves in the muscle when beginning a campaign. As athletic continuity, dextrose is used up ceaselessly, till give out entirely. At this moment, if athletic intensity is not very old saying, muscle can be used up those who store is adipose. But in athletic process of fast candy use up (cereal nutrition club, fruit, conserve) can avoid tired feeling of muscle occurrence acid, even the circumstance of hypoglycemia happens.

Preparation begins a campaign, want to absorb the following food at least:

The entree that contains a lot ofstarch together everyday (macaroni, rice, tomato patch) every eat should have rusk, biscuit, other perhaps cereal; Everyday 2 to 3 fruits. In need of athletic time overtime again supplementary sweet food is mixed sweet beverage.

What kind of food and drink should take?

To joining athletic person, have a word only: Eat! But before wanting to begin campaign in you at least 1 hour takes food. It is to avoid to cause digestive function because of manual activity so disorder. Same, should avoid edible hard digestive food, for instance juicily dish, deepfry food. Ideal for, daily 3 eat and small mug-up can make airframe times regular ground complements nutrient.

Breakfast and edible asks when adding meat: Milk products, corn, fruit, beverage.
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