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How ego cure injury

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One, the improvement that humeral joint injures measure: The extend kneading pliable but strong that strengthens training of humeral ministry force and humeral ministry trains, with the article park elbow of particular weight, smooth lift come to be the same as with the shoulder tall, continuously 1, 2 minutes are a group, every time 4, 6 groups, every notice to loosen when the group is intermittent, ministry of the shoulder when loosening undertakes be being pressinged, pull instead reach around to circle link training.

2, the improvement that ancon joint injures measure: Can use add lie Jing Li supports a method, enhance this place power, the elbow when practice bends slightly, exercise quantity inspects respective condition and decide, till with practicing coming every time hand ministry does not support. Or small sanded bottle loads exercise, practice between convalescence or take elbow support or stretch bandage to defend when necessary.

3, the improvement that the artifice injures measure: Usable small dumbbell or sanded bottle load the ministry that do wrist practices, increase wrist ministry power. Frequency and weight inspect individual circumstance to master, till with practicing occurrence arm every time acid bilges, or the weight of aggravating bat circles 8 word exercise, in order to strengthen, the muscle activity ability that improves wrist ministry. Usable also brick replaces a clog, still can expand finger power at the same time. Wrist support is taken when motion or use bounce bandage consolidate. Exercise quantity inspects individual circumstance proper motion to master.

4, the improvement that muscle injures measure: Increase the training that muscle extend increases to spend while ham muscle strength trains, barbell loads around across step practices, load or so foot is forward, backward, promote leg practice to side direction, usable bounce bandage tries to protect when motion.

5, the improvement that knee joint injures measure: Use the power that static force crouchs partly or loads static force crouchs to increase this position partly. If the force of quadriceps is powerful, the capability that bear bears in motion is strong, the possibility of occurrence strain also meets a little bit small. The point of view that makes the knee joint when the exercise that enhances power bend but by small to occurrence genu painful angle begins, add in slowly arrive not to exceed 90 degrees, practice time can be being begun to increase above slowly by 5 minutes every time, when the exercise, in order to appear till quadriceps shakes slightly. Athletic Shi Kepei wears kneecap.

Unengaged moment has a look everybody, notice athletic health protection.

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