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The lash-up that common motion injures is handled

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Athletic injury sees more at young crowd, they have deep love for motion, take an active part in each sports activity, but often for lack of
Particular movement trains wholesome knowledge and the lash-up measure after occurrence motion is injured, and the person that be opposite causes needless anguish,
Serious person bring about lifelong regret even.

One, abrade---Namely cutaneous skin abrade. If abrade place is more shallow, need besmear merbromin only can; If abrade achieves a face
Dirtier or when blood having ooze, after physiological saline Qing Dynasty is achieved, application besmears again on merbromin or gentian violet.

2, muscle is pulled---Point to the loss that flesh fiber is torn off and incurs. Main because move excessive or warm up is insufficient cause, but
Know wounded weight according to aching degree, once appear,painful induction suspends campaign instantly, go up in pain spot apply ice cube or cold
Towel, maintain 30 minutes, in order to make small vasomotor, reduce local hyperaemia, oedema. Rub of avoid by all means is kneaded reach hot compress.

3, contusion---Because the body is local,get blunt implement the constituent loss that hit and causes. Spend injury gently not to need special processing
, after classics cold compress handles 24 hours, usable invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu to bite agent, local and usable injury is wet acetanilide cream affix, after the injury the first day grants
With cold compress, the following day hot compress. Can absorb one week later about disappear. Heavier contusion can add liquor to move apply injury point with Yunnan Baiyao
Wrap up, tertian change medicine, daily 2-3 second, add physiotherapy.

4, sprain---Because joint position crosses wrench suddenly to turn, pigheaded twisted the ligament that is added outside joint and tendon be caused by.
Happen in malleolar section, knee joint, wrist and waist more, the sprain of different position, its treat a method to also differ.
1, acute lumbar sprain can let a patient lie on his back on the wooden bed that fills up more thickly, lumbar underlay a pillow, first cold compress, postheat apply
2, when sprain of articulatory sprain gambrel, knee joint, wrist, sprain place block up, first reheat of Queen of heaven of cold compress 2-3
Apply. If sprain place strut, skin is purple,mix aching, apply injury dips in to be in with towel after usable mature vinegar stews heat half jins, everyday 2
- 3, every time 10 minutes.

5, dilocation---Namely articulatory dislocation. Once produce dilocation, should enjoin patient keeps quiet, do not want an activity, cannot knead more
Rub dislocate place. Be in like dilocation place humeral ministry, can bend patient elbow into right angle, reoccupy triangle towel holds antebrachium and elbow in the palm
Since, hang on the neck, a broadband has pestered reoccupy cerebral ministry, making a written guarantee to side head. Be in like dilocation place coxa ministry, answer instantly

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