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"Tennis ancon " cure and maintain

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"Tennis ancon " it is the commonnest injury in all bat motion. Its reason is finger of a lot of control, artifice and the muscle that antebrachium moves are adherent it is all round ancon joint. After appearing best sanatorium. Physiotherapy, acupuncture, apply can be accelerated restore. Hit closing is to be used at doing not have time sanatorium. Professional player has the competition, do not have method to just be hit. Closing basically is local anaesthesia medicine is mixed in the needle a bit hormone, former and acetanilide, latter promotes heal. But hard effect a permanent cure. Need operation treatment finally.

Precaution and protection are the most important. A few proposals offer reference:

1. Share activity is charged before entering the court each are articulatory, brandish wants a few minutes to be patted for nothing before playing a ball game, when just beginning to play a ball game, want gradually thrust augmentation, especially when winter weather is cold.

2. Add thick take a power, take a power (especially Asia) too fine, the time that the manufacturer produces always goes the finest, so that everybody can be used. But affirmative to major ball hand they are too fine. Burden of muscle of the elbow when enclasp is overweight. Add thick hind can reduce elbow muscle burden apparently.

3. Wear an elbow support, resemble wearing kneecap.

4. Grasp pat want to loosen, the elbow when drive does not pass straight.

5. Step up force practices.

In addition, ancon aches often is appear when increasing carry momentum suddenly, should avoid to play a ball game time is abrupt lengthen.

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