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Xia Xuan lustre reduces online analysis [animation]
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Early when the game that I had watched him, that moment is 8 carry the preliminary contest of the meeting is like, at that time is him kill get online make me impressive, biting smash the ball, get online coherently, rate is very rapid ~ and used two situations only.

Analyse his whole act:
Medium a direct sideways, this one step is exceedingly big, special reach the designated position, the goal that can say this step is to allow the ball the upper part before the body, back-to-back move takes off, had adjusted the centre of gravity after be born in the process of take off face about, when everybody can see fall to the ground, the body is past pitch, is not in the future falls, can run forth directly so. His capability is very strong, judging the other side can be this one segment that the ball takes point-blank before answering a net only, as long as sideways is insufficient, or pace is not pulled reach the designated position, I think have a such processes very hard to come out.

Author: Hubble-bubble bug
Origin: Chinese feather ball is online

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