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Badminton ability tactics develops a tendency
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Current, the ability tactics that world badminton moves develops a tendency forward more " fast, comprehensive, aggression, changeful, specialty is outstanding " way develops. Badminton ability tactics develops to more quick way still is one of general trend important facet. The postulate that fine athlete place has world-class is can comprehensive in rapid movement master and use each basic technology; Of fast ability reflect more aggression of side overweight gearshift, aggression technology also more the fast, fierce gearshift assault skill that is emphasized at developing to have individual distinguishing feature. European player uses a figure lofty and strong, already changed direction from dozen of law of bottom line of control of lay particular stress on emphasize aggression, outstanding hair the ball is grabbed attack, the way making a way that before controlling control network below, gives priority to develops. Asian player criterion more emphasize benefit to use oneself agile and outstanding gearshift do a crash job expands on the foundation with full-scale technology, hit a law to be given priority to in order to pull open combinative gearshift assault. Although the player is in Ouya,tactical textural has its different characteristic each, but in outstanding and fast, aggression, the minatory sex that emphasizes heightening attack and businesslike this respect is collective however. In the meantime, more and more intense also to the contention before the net, besides grabbing high point drive, also take the quality of the technology before the net and change seriously more, in the match whether before controlling a network effectively, already became high level athlete to get attack chance and notched main measure.

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