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The choice making a way of badminton technology
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The need making a way that chooses badminton notes the following factors of oneself

(one) body condition is told commonly, the good difference of the size of the height of the figure, force, physical strength is waited a moment, can affect the choice that makes a way. For example, the person with tallish, greater power is OK aggressiveness is stronger hind dozen of standard that controls below field give priority to; The figure is not tall, but physical strength good, body is more agile person, dozen of law that in can be being defended, counterattacks give priority to etc.

(2) basic technology masters technical control circumstance more comprehensive, attack and defence technology relatively beautiful person, can pull fast condole quickly to hit a law to give priority to, smash technology masters very well, and it is better that strong, point of fall controls smash, the technology before the net is right also person, press below field later, dozen of law before online control network give priority to; The capacity that controls a ball is stronger, and the person that have patience, optional choose hits all directions ball; Defend the technology masters very well, and pace is agile, mobile fast, can choose what in defending, counterattack to hit a law to give priority to etc.

(3) disposition and temperamental characteristic disposition belong to extroversion model, and the person that temperamental type pledges for bile again, relatively agree with the choice is attacked completely model make a way; Introvert, temperamental type is again mucilaginous person, appropriate chooses to hit all directions ball, dozen of law that in be being defended alive, counterattacks; Disposition is belonged to among model, temperamental type pledges for much blood and mucilaginous mix model person, it is better to have dozen of whole way that plays fast condole quickly with choosing to attack and defence.

Additional, still answer to use dozen of different method in the light of different adversary, with raise personal length, ke Bizhi is short.

Above each element, the impact that makes a way to the choice is not onefold and isolated, not be absolutely more. They suit each other, each other is complement: Although the figure is taller but introvert person, the choice defends model hit a law to also be met anticipate; Although stature is not tall, but bounce force strong, pace is mobile and fast technology of agile, smash is very good, and disposition extroversion person, choice attack hit a law to often can take a winner to move. Anyhow, the type making a way of the choice should apt makes oneself each respect is able to show adequately had better, must not disregard oneself characteristic, cannot imitate others mechanically more.

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