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How had made receive smash preparation
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In badminton actual combat, need lay particular stress on has made the case that accepts smash preparation, when high ball of the field after producing those who go out in oneself to attack normally reachs the designated position not quite, with doubles when high ball just giving originally in the match, see more quite. Right now, when the centre of gravity of the body should compare normal preparation, reduce appropriately a few, the station on field after answering to slant a bit a few, if the smash of the other side is not near central line, stand still should make a bit a few follow deflection, in order to make oneself can stand in be helpful for backstroke its are mixed point-blank the position of diagonal smash. Same, in doubles match, station in smash of the other side person the player of inclined the other side, also should slant rely on central line a few stations defend.

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