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If why serving,accept the race to control when serving active
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The race to control after wanting to serving launchs attack actively, the key is the quality that serve wants tall, note bring up again to be opposite high even at the same time the 3rd continuity that pats a technology to apply. Serving is the beginning of paragraph of each match in badminton match not only, also be badminton technics in need not accept method of drive of the other side exclusively restrict, and a technology that uses at will by oneself. Measure serve the standard of quality discretion, what main show is serving is accurate with change two respects. Accurate it is to point to: The radian that serve, point of fall and to player of the other side receive serve the accuracy of the respect such as the judgement of the intent. Change is to point to: The change of the respect such as the rhythm when serving, method, radian and point of fall. Can make the field after the net is pushed is grabbed after a few balls before be like hairnet at ordinary times; Smash the ball of the assault after the ball before hairnet; After the field after hair makes the same score fast ball, receive kill tick off diagonally ball to wait for an exercise, with coherent after serving apply with what fall to take a skill. Additional, it is important 1:10 to still have, that serves namely should catch those who get each other to receive serve weakness, for example, the ball before he receives hairnet is poorer, can be aimed at its weakness, the field after the ball before collecting hairnet of in order to gives priority to union to send makes the same score fast ball to grab the tactics that attack.

Want to serve through receiving grab attack, should judge above all accurate, start fast, grab high drive spot. Receive the drive that serve the point is low, often suffer place of the other side easily to restrict. It is to receive the movement that serve to want do one's best to agree next, because, right now the other side is in the assault that has preparation quite or defended condition, the movement is abhorrent, the aggression intent that makes the other side knows you ahead of schedule necessarily and direction giving a ball, light person the effect that can reduce you to attack, the person that weigh often can be immersed in passivity to lose cent even directly. The 3rd be the intent that wants clear the other side and pay the weak point that gets each other. For example, after the other side serves, be good at quite at banning diagonal, your receive serve the advantage that although be you,turns oblique line, right now you also should camera careful with. Finally is the continuity that should raise the consciousness with ball of below one rap and technology to apply. Some players, although receive,serve the technology is right, but because be differred with next continuity that pat, often appeared to be atttacked very well so that extension also can not catch. This that is to say, receive serve must have specific aim, can serve with serve to receive and be being received anything but.
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