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Be aimed at the singles mode of bodily form
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The player with not tall type of build or figure

By at the footstep lesser, because this is indispensible with rapidder rate, will make up for the difference on pace, the good point with minor bodily form is in at body centre of gravity low, to Wu Jiaoping or inferior ball, can with more favorable drive movement, the other side of manage of place to go comes ball;

Face the smash of 2 side line of adversary, need to will defend summary deflection the other side accepts the position the position when the ball, hit the ball when you that is to say to horn of opposite rear side when, person also summary deflection Zun Fang defends, conversely right Yi Ran, this appearance is in when facing linear smash, cailaide reachs the rate that receive a ball, even if adversary is bevel angle smash, but because the distance is longer, reaction can be dealt with some more quickly.

The player with tall figure

The player with tall figure by at have control of the air, be in no matter so the time of drive or shift, comparative the ground is fast, all have an advantage in sheet or doubles.

By at the figure lofty person should hit low-down to circle a smooth ball, the movement can compare obstruct, so adversary regular meeting planishs in the light of tall player high ball, the brandish bypassing a head that will squeeze him is patted, because this needs,have biting backhand to handle oppressive sex come ball.

The judgement of smash point of fall and processing

Type of build or figure is short angle of player drop shot is small, so from hind reduce the extent to one's own side sure smoother latter, so preliminary position is in rearer, can very easy ground handles smash.

Handle a figure conversely the smash of tall player, need a station relatively the smash that ahead comes to next pressing manage reason high.

Regular meeting of general singles player appears one kind defends common fault, encounter oneself to handle namely not beautiful or see do not see far ball high, often can back down chronically, will be afraid of be gone to by K, 2 coming is to attempt to pull open a distance, in order to strive for reaction time.

But in fact drop back of one in the future, whole defend the circle is not had is not flaw, adversary as string of 1 short ball or smash all can make oneself is on guard hard, encounter this kind of situation especially, angle of smash of the other side is close to certainly perpendicular, be like right now regressive, follow this having not enough time that react.

When encountering this kind of situation, position of provision of the field in still be being answered, protect beat face, dedicated at the other side the direction of steep drive, because adversary is like the word that wants smash, sure with the shortest time straightforward haggle, delicacy is killing bevel angle ball less, because kill inclined corner kick, in case processing is undeserved and out of bounds, not be the ball gives a chance send! So sober tack handles his error ball, just be to defend the best thing to do!
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