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The tactics that abecedarian uses easily
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After abecedarian was mastering certain basic technology, should learn and try to apply a few simple tactics to undertake practice and playing the game, try to abound and rise ceaselessly from inside practice. Below two kinds of tactics not only abecedarian is applied easily and master, and the elementary tactics that also is badminton, if can try to master adroitly, as the technology rise, also can go up in this foundation, the characteristic that combines oneself tries to evolve rise. If tactics of all directions ball is OK,development arrives to pull open shock tactics quickly.
L. Tactics of all directions ball: Basically mix with high ball, punching ball the chop before the net, pushball, tick off diagonally ball, choose the technology such as the ball, the ball the ball knocks down metabolic ground on 4 horn of area of field of the other side, bring around of the other side into play to control the ground to run thereby move, answer ball quality when the other side not tall or when occurrence sky archives, again wait for one's chance launchs attack toward place of its sky archives. This kind of tactics is slower to shift of the footwork on field, the player with poorer physical strength particularly effective.

Tactics of the field after 2. presses: The Gao Yuanqiu of the field after this tactics basically is used or the pushball before making the same score high ball, net and choose the technology such as the ball, repeat force control the other side hind two bottoms horn, cause passivity of the other side, next the chop before wait for one's chance uses smash, punching ball, network, tick off the technology such as diagonally ball to atttack empty shelves of the other side. This tactics method is used cope with abecedarian, degenerative law is slower after mixing, hind field technology poorer or the player that is eager to getting online after drive is relatively significant.

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