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Singles is basic tactics
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The technology of a player control is mixed more in the round, adroitly, correctly practical, so of his tactics apply and come true to also have more assure. Accordingly, tactics must be built master in adroitness and correct ground a certain quantity of fall with the premise of the technical movement of quality, wait for one's chance falls in proper time and dimensional condition, reasonably, neatly combination applies ability to form.

So, the relation with respect to technology and tactics, the technology is tactical foundation, it is the main essential factor with compositive tactics indispensable place. Advanced technology promotes tactical development and change necessarily. And constant change of tactics and development, what also promote original technology conversely likewise is newer with development. There is mutual connection, each other to be the adj relation of influence, joint development between them.

One, after accusing dash forward before tactics

The high ball of Gao Yuanqiu peace of the field after using, the pushball before the net and choose the technology such as the ball, repeat the field after controlling the other side two horn, cause passivity of the other side, next wait for one's chance uses smash, punching ball, chop, tick off the technology such as diagonally ball to atttack empty shelves of the other side. This tactics attacks ability with tactics of ability of the field after make do opposite relatively the weak and regressive footwork slow or the player that is eager to getting online after drive is relatively significant.

2, bit of shock tactics is grabbed before controlling a network

Put a network actively first through using all sorts of technologies, or the gimmick before oneself good net is being depended on again after forcing the other side to put a network first, apply rub neatly, push, point a skill, before creating network of the other side direct error, or in capturing the favorable opportunity of its passivity drive to undertake hind of field kill, break off, before condole and net attack the ball notchs.

3, pull open shock tactics

Control area of field of the other side with fast and accurate point of fall first 4 corners, force around of the other side to control the ground to run back and forth, when the other side has not enough time to answer central position or losing the body to balance, capture empty shelves and its weakness to have do a crash job. This kind of tactics is used normally cope with footwork to move the player with slower, flexibility and poorer physical strength.

4, serve grab attack tactics

Give priority to with the ball before hairnet or smooth fast ball, qualify offensive of the other side, force the other side to give high ball. Apply smash and the weakness that punching ball atttacks the other side or empty shelves next. Serve grab attack tactics to basically be used at making do to defend skill poorer or hind field aggression technical ability is relative stronger opponent, create more aggression opportunities for oneself thereby.
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