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Singles hits characteristic of way genre and ability, tactics
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(one) a string of 1 high quickly the type making a way that joins make a sudden and violent attack

This kind of demand that make a way is active and active, the technology is skilled and comprehensive, accurate, have assault capacity, control and recriminate restrict ability strong, tactical change is vivid, gimmick consistency and choppy sex are strong, footwork staying power of fast, agile, speed is good.

Ability tactics characteristic: Apply what make the same score high ball or punching ball well and truly quickly to cooperate, control its point of fall, undertake be pattinged more bringing into play, answer a ball when the other side when quality is not high, catch smash the ball of exact scope assault.

(2) the type making a way of gearshift assault

This kind makes a way is the further progress that links assault to hit law foundation to go up in tall condole, emphasize gearshift aggression, the consistency of requirement gimmick and choppy sex are strong, especially hind the movement of field assault smash the ball is little and erupt force is powerful, on footwork, hind field can be abrupt the take off that grab a spot, before field can be fast pedal is crossed grab a net, emphasize judgement starting fast, grab the high point drive, placement Diao Zhun that gives a ball.

Ability tactics characteristic: Those who carry oneself movement rate accelerate, dispute the chance that gets assault attack. It is tall normally, condole cooperates, tall, kill cooperate to combine judgement to grab bit of do a crash job, perhaps push, rub is the following regressive quicken take off assault.

(3) next types making a way that press offensive controlling a network

This kind makes a way is to forestall one's opponent by a show of strength, around echo, fast and fierce, offensive swift and fierce, fast battle quick decision. Ask aggression rate is rapid, give ball firm and allow, skill is fast, drive point is high, force of smash the ball is heavy, footwork is mobile capability of fast, bounce is strong, be good at adding pedal step, pedal to jump with half step pace. It includes to kill, condole gets online dozen of law, serve grab assault law, next pressing group assault the law make a way a few kinds.

Ability tactics characteristic, grab in order to serve attack give priority to, especially hair of low ball tie makes the same score a ball before hairnet, force the other side to answer a ball up, pass next kill smash the ball or condole, gently energetically, the dot is killed, break off kill cooperate, before back-to-back online control network, apply rub, push, attack, point a skill, again the aggression of the field after creation is medium, make be pressed below the ball as far as possible. Should hit a law to still must cooperate those who make the same score high ball to apply of course.

(4) the type making a way that in defending, counterattacks

This kind makes a way is give priority to with be being defended first, win by striking only after the enemy had struck. Requirement footwork is faster, vividder, cleverer, reaction wants fast, psychological stability is strong, the safe sex of the ball is close friends, have very strong defend ability. This kind hits a law to still include what pat tall, condole more to make a way.
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