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How to undertake simple tactics practices
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Content of badminton campaign tactics is much, tactical training method is more complex, the athlete's condition is different, if condition of the age, body, technology masters the degree, characteristic that make a way to wait, accordingly, the job of tactical training is different also. As abecedarian, can collect below in order to a few methods to undertake practice and rising.
L. Road of fixed tactics ball trains: Show tactical requirement organizes a basis of a few basic technologies, have iteration practice by fixed ball road, because ball road is secured, reduplicative time is much, the movement of the person that can be helpful for drive is coherent with the quality that improves its drive, be formed stage by stage and master different tactical ball way. For example, with diagonal of condole of union of linear high ball the ball practices, with union of linear high ball linear punching ball practices, with diagonal high ball union as string of 1 diagonally ball practices, combine linear punching ball to practice waiting for ball road with diagonal high ball, undertake aing string of 1 tactical ball road practices high; With linear high ball union kills union of exercise of diagonal ball road, linear high ball to kill union of linear exercise, diagonal high ball to kill union of linear exercise, diagonal high ball to kill diagonal to practice waiting for a method, undertake the road practices killing tactical ball high; Kill road of online tactics ball to be able to be used, kill linear hind linear online chop or turn diagonally ball, after reducing oblique line, get online to tick off diagonal or push diagonal ball to wait for exercise method.

2. secures ball road partly tactical training: This is the tactical training method that has on the foundation that mastering training of road of fixed tactics ball basically. The basic technology mix that its characteristic is pair of training has fixed demand, but do not make a provision to drive course and point of fall, the person that allow drive has a ground the actual condition on field has change, can be close to what make more ask at actual combat. Be like " hit at 2 o'clock at 4 o'clock " the exercise method that belongs to tall condole tactics to secure ball road partly; Be like " kill high to attacking " , belong to the way of half fixed ball that fights tactics high to practice a method.

Road of ball of tactics of 3. much ball trains: Self-explanatory characters first road of a few balls with fixed or semifixed the method has an organization, when the exercise, by coach or the member that accompany drill in formation undertakes laying a ball continuously by this method, can offer the time of the speed of the ball, rhythm, clearance according to needing a change, adjust the density of the exercise and intensity thereby. Main show is in its advantage, be helpful for raising the continuity of the tactical consciousness of the person that practice and ability tactics; Be helpful for training the person of the level that practice to differring, according to its actual condition adjusts the difficulty of the exercise; Be helpful for stressing a focal point, aggrandizement raises certain technology and combination of tactical ball road.
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