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Badminton Asian Games Preview: China Lin Dan could spell swept Yupo
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Guangzhou Asian Games will soon sky. As a world powers, the Chinese badminton team want to re-prove himself in the home, especially the men and women the highest gold singles, Lin Dan want to regain lost ground, and Wang Xin, Wang Xian will also be applicable To have retired Zhang Ning, Xie started Revenge of war; another Asian Games, the Chinese team did not have the experience of taking on everything, this game, the current state of good Chinese badminton team can achieve this aspiration, it is worth Attention. Singles: Lin Dan Yupo "Asian Paradox" As a new division world champion, Chen (micro-Bobo-off) will be composed of China Lin Dan Men's double insurance. Although took the Olympic Games, World Championships and other international competitions the winner, but lindane is nothing in the Asian Games, the last more than Race, he lost to Taufik Hidayat of Indonesia veteran, this game, Lin Dan won the gold medal of revenge can achieve Grand Slam, worth the wait. Chen Jin is the No. 3 seed, he will be top seed Lee Chong Wei in the Shangban Qu, Chen could continue World Championships in good condition, entered the final cause for concern. Drawing of lots, the two Chinese players to sign bits are good. Current world number one Wang Xin is the number one seed, first round bye. The second round against South Korea's Bae possible extension of baht, the semi-finals against the most likely reason the Son and Hirose Wing Wong Mew Choo's winner, as opponents in general, nor the recent amazing performance, it is known as "foreign wars Queen" Wang Xin promotion hopes high. Xian Wang appropriate in half of the draw have the opportunity to Koreans as "revenge", she Expected in the second game against Song Zhixian. Neville is the second seed Indian players, can break hurdle is appropriate Xian Wang Xin and Wang smooth realignment final key. Doubles: headliner show was the big engagement Doubles, the Chinese team's strong combination of Cai Yun / Fu Haifeng will face a strong challenge. Situation will be combined in the second game against South Korea the gold medal mix Cheng Cheng / Lee Yong-dae, then pass the crown to face Beijing Olympic Games Army Mackeys / Heng Tela. Xu Chen / Guo Zhendong is the No. 5 seed, they are slightly better luck, and if normal, then will play top seed Chen Wenhong / Koo Kien Keat compete for a final places. Doubles, since the injury Du Jing, Olympic and world champion portfolio is broken up, the foreign partner will be and Wang Li, Cheng Shu / Zhao Yunlei results are proved by their trust. Drawing of lots, as Shu / Zhao Yun Lei is the No. 2 seed, Yu Yang / Wang Li as No. 5 seed, they were drawn in a different half-zone. Chinese women's doubles final rendezvous should be no problem. The purpose of holding the exercise new, bold country feather in the mixed doubles to try new array, the result Hanbin and Ma Jin pairing, they are the only team in five individual unseeded, but Hanbin / Yu Yang successfully avoided teammate Zhang Nan / Zhao Yunlei, they are in the bottom half as generally weaker opponents, the issue is not qualifying, the main opponent was the No. 2 seed mix of Chinese Taipei Li Sheng Wood / Jane Yu Jin. Just titles and captured in Japan's Zhang Nan / Zhao Yunlei is the No. 8 seed Their strongest opponents is the number one seed Su Kaite / Sala Li. As Korea's Lee Yong-dae / Li Xiaozhen not entered the competition, the Chinese team great hope in the mixed doubles hegemony. Groups: Can the Chinese team taking on everything Before the game, Chinese badminton coach Li Yongbo The campaign said the Chinese team to want to break the "Asian Paradox" - cover all of the championship. In fact, since the 1990 Beijing Asian Games got six gold medals, China Yu Mao World and Olympic team despite a series of World Series Zhaijinduoyin, but in the Asian Games performance was not perfect. The last Asian Games, the Chinese team lost three of five individual gold medals, This time playing at home, whether taking on everything, will be the biggest attraction. The sign bit from the team competition, China's men's team Shangshang Qian, and advanced to the road Indonesia's main rival team, pass a big problem; the contrary, the pressure on the women's team is relatively bigger, their semi-final encounter with South Korea is likely, this is in anticipation of the championship battle. This year's Uber Cup, China Women's team had lost to South Korea 1-3, broke a big upset, this Revenge of war, the Chinese team will not be lost. Japan stood out half of the draw, no accident, they will be straight and Chinese Taipei, Thailand, and South Korea's victory Who fight for the championship.
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