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Chinese player Birmingham seizes 3 coronals- - world bright and beautiful surpas

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Nation of full name of project of several time place / area The first 1978 China of of Yu Yaodong of of Thailand Bangkok men's singles Yu Yaodong of men's doubles / China of Hou Jiachang China of of Zhang Ailing of women's singles Zhang Ailing of women's doubles / China of Li Fang of in the mixed doubles compares ability / Thailand of the grand that compare Zhi The 2nd 1979 China of of Han Jian of of Chinese Hangzhou men's singles Sun Zhian of men's doubles / China of Yao Ximing Han of women's singles loves to make the same score China Horse of Ba Da of women's doubles / Thailand of Su Lipeng Wu Juncheng of of in the mixed doubles / Hong Kong of China of Chen Nianci Note: Above is held twice for world badminton federation The first 1977 of men's singles of of silent of Swedish horse Er Deerfusi Denmark Liang Chunsheng of men's doubles / Hong Yuelong is Indonesian

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