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Mao Qiu of soup Mu Si Beiyu surpasses brief introduction

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Shangmusi cup contest is tounament of organization of world man badminton, by international feather couplet is sponsorred.

Shangmusi the cup is 28 centimeters tall, those who include handle is wide be apart from it is 16 centimeters, by form of base, cup and lid 3 parts are formed, building most go up the model that end has an athlete. This cup forehead sculpture has such expressions ∶ " tall treats · the cup of challenge of international badminton champion that Shangmusi Baerte organizes at giving international badminton union 1939 " . Allegedly this cup is become with platinic casting in London, be worth 50 thousand pound when current price.

Shangmusi's full name treats · for tall Shangmusi, ever was the badminton athlete with famous England, win British badminton championship for many times. He ever won championship of men's singles of tounament of ball of Quan Yingyu wool 4 times continuously, champion of 9 men's doubles, champion of 6 in the mixed doubles. He begins 21 years old to win championship, and have champion enter an item in an account year after year, when he takes champion for the last time already 41 years old. When international feather couplet held water in July 1934, he is by choose the first preside.

When international feather couplet held water 1934, englishman Shangmusi is chosen to give priority to banquet. After 5 years, shangmusi is on conference of international feather couplet put forward, the opportunity that organizes game of cosmopolitan male group is mature already, express to will be this one match to donate a pot, call " Shangmusi cup " .

This proposal receives the approval of congress, but the outbreak as a result of the Second World War, decide this cup contest that around held 1941 to be delayed to come down formerly. After World War II ends, international feather couplet came 1948 eventually between 1949, the first Shangmusi was held in Scotland cup contest, malaysia becomes the first name to be engraved in the country on soup cup.

Since 1982, this organization surpasses instead biennially to hold, and contest is made also from before two days 9 5 get the better of (5 sheet 4 pairs) instead a day 5 3 get the better of (3 sheet 2 pairs) . To 1998, this cup contest already held 20, champion cup flows between Asian Indonesia, Malaysia and Chinese team all the time.

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